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Products & Services

Our team of specialists understands the unique demands, risks and rewards of the farmer and rancher. This team is a select group of lending professionals who recognize that a personal touch is paramount and that a long-term commitment to our customers is based in years, not dollars.

Mortgage Loans

Turn to us to purchase real estate, refinance real estate debt, fund improvements or replenish working capital. Mortgage secured lines of credit are also available to support your cash flow with funds that are instantly available for capital purchases or operational expenses.

Construction Loans

Is a process facility, cold storage, packing facility or a new residence in your future? Turn to FMFC for competitive choices to finance your expansion.

Commercial Operating Loans

We are dedicated to understanding your business and your needs. Financing is available for crops, livestock, dairy, feed, liquidity, agribusiness, accounts receivable and inventory.

Development Loans

When it’s time to grow, FMFC is here for you. We offer loans for real estate improvements such as permanent plantings, new irrigation systems and vineyard conversions.

Equipment Loans

Our financial specialists can offer competitive rates and convenient options to enable you to acquire the machinery and equipment you need in a way that meets your financial requirements.


Highly flexible Fresno Madera Farm Credit leases are available for capital purchases, such as cars, trucks, equipment, irrigation systems, processing and packaging equipment and buildings. With an advanced, pre-approved lease you can select a program best for you and still maintain your cash reserves. Flexible payment and lease-end options let you tailor a lease that best meets the needs of your operation.


Trust us for all of your Appraisal needs. We can help you establish property values for purchasing or selling real estate, financial planning, estate planning or obtaining financing. Our state licensed and certified staff is dedicated to providing timely, accurate and impartial appraisals for all agricultural based assignments. We maintain a large, current, and comprehensive farm real estate sales database and we have direct access to information on the latest trends in real estate values.

VACP (Voluntary Advanced Conditional Program)

This unique account is designed to provide an accessible and convenient investment alternative for those time periods when excess cash is available in your operation. This fund allows you to easily make loan payments or withdraw funds for most business and personal uses.

Cash Management

Our Cash Management Program is designed especially for our members. These convenient online tools help you quickly and easily deposit money, make and collect payments, and balance accounts. FMFC’s Cash Management Program lets you put unused cash to work by automatically paying down your loan or increasing your investment.

Crop Insurance

Let us protect the income on your crops. Weather-related damages are a fact of life in the farming industry, and although we can’t control the weather, we can help you minimize the risk.

Credit/Disability & Life Insurance

FMFC offers optional Life, Mortgage Life and Disability, and Premier Series Insurance through Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company. The credit life and disability insurance is purchased at the time that a commercial loan is made.

Electronic Banking (ACH)

Electronic and automatic transfers, deposits and payments can add versatility and time-saving convenience to your monthly banking routine. Reduce trips to the bank and let us handle all your pre-approved transactions.

"FMFC offers products that are tailored toward agriculture. They know what's going on in the market and the problems we are faced with. FMFC is the backbone of our business and we highly recommend them."

Tom & Earl Perez
Members since 1992